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A few steps from History, Culture and Nightlife

Agriturismo Alimini is a few km from Otranto,
rich in history but also destination of the nightlife Salentina

Agriturismo Alimini is a few km from Otranto, a transit port between Italy and Greece, a beautiful seaside town whose origin dates back to the Messapians.

The church of San Pietro is one of the most important testimonies of the Byzantine imprint in the architecture and painting of the Salento peninsula.

But the history of Otranto is mainly expressed in its Cathedral characterized inside by the floor depicting the splendid mosaic of the “free of life” and the coffered ceiling in golden wood.

The mosaic was created thanks to Pantaleone, a priest who worked incessantly for four years with polychrome tiles of local limestone. The trees depicted show examples of faith and pride, scenes of peace and war, characters of the legend.

Adjacent to the right aisle there is the Chapel of Saints Primaldo and Companions Martyrs of Otranto. Here are preserved the relics of the 800 witnesses of the faith who died in 1480 at the hands of the Turks blessing the name of God.